Jennifer  Hall
Jennifer Hall
artist | philosopher
The Tipping Point Project: A Case Study in the Collaboration between Medical Anthropology and Art
Ginsburg, Ellen S. PhD and Jennifer Hall, 2006


The Tipping Point Project brings together the collaborative efforts of Professor Ellen S. Ginsburg PhD, Medical Anthropologist, and Professor Jennifer Hall, Information Artist, to create a new paradigm that merges anthropological investigation with art practices.

The project began in 2004 with lengthy discussions and a collaborative vision and goal shared between Ginsburg and Hall to bring together the disciplinary voices of anthropology, art and technology that would result in a multi-layered work culminating in seven interactive sculptures.

The project pivots around the assumption that small/large changes in health status can, over time, have a significant impact on the lives of artists and their community. Ginsburg's collections of health narratives from artists having ties to the South End community in Boston, MA serves as the content to inform Hall's kinetic sculptures with tipping points, or triggers where change would take place through interactions provided by the viewers.

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